Monday, February 24, 2014

Be it ever so humble...

There is no place like home.

Evan and Steve arrived home on Saturday, February 16th.

The boys, Paisley, and I waited ever so patiently (as if) for their plane to arrive in Houston.

Do Not Be Fooled

These smiling faces were not this good while we waited,

and waited,

 and waited...

Okay, Paisley was this good while we waited, but by the end of it even she was showing a bit of attitude.  What is it with immigration taking FOREVER to let my girl into this here country.  Dang!!

But then this happened...

And everything pretty much became a blur from the tears that wouldn't stop.

Then all these little moments added up to one great big moment when Evan said, "This is my family."

Her crazy, can't understand a word they are saying, but I think I like them anyway, family.

And that is just what we have become these last few weeks... 

A family.

We laugh, we cry, we watch as relationships are born in tiny moments when life is just happening all around us.

This is what becoming friends with your sister looks like.

We have eaten cheeseburgers, went to the movies, studied English, played with our new sister, and even had our first day of school in America.  We've been pretty busy.  :)

And we couldn't have done any of it without you.

You helped make this happen,

this life,

this smile,

this girl and her new family.

You don't look at me and say it was nothing.

Because it is something, something that is so absolutely amazing.

Thank you, sweet friends.

Just thank you.

All of you toffee eating, tshirt buying, crazy wonderful friends.  You rock my world.  And I know for sure you have rocked Evan's world.

Oh and one other little person wants to thank you too.

You know helped her cross an ocean a few years ago.

So from Paisley and all of the Tam crew...

We love you all more than pie (and toffee!!!))



nicolesnitselaar said...

how emmotionnal ! Thank you !

Kimberly said...

Good to hear from you! Been praying and praying. And well, it was not nothing. It was God. All God. And a family with a heart to do what God desires us to do. A family with love and the idea that that love should be given away to those who need it most. A family with the most absolutely best recipe for toffee. And one courageous teen who never gave up on hope, or love. Sometimes God is just so amazingly awesome. Thanks for making me smile today :)

Anne B. said...

HOOOOORAY!!!!!! That's all!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Been waiting and hoping for this update - checking back every few days. It was worth the wait! This is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I've been a blog lurker since hearing about your darling girl caring for the Enskat boys and I am THRILLED she is HOME with you now! Praise God! Thanks for sharing and letting us witness this incredible and beautiful journey! :-)

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