Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Orphan No More

It is with great pleasure and many, many happy tears that I introduce you to our daughter.

Evan Alexandra Tam


She's ours!!

Shout it to the world,
Let the news be known,
Evan Alexandra is coming HOME!!

Steve and I leave tonight for Kiev.
We will fly back to America and return soon.
She can not leave her country until her TB testing is done (thanks CDC) but once we have the go ahead, she will home with us.

Love you all so much.

We did it.

God did it!!

Orphan no more!!


Stori Wann said...

In tears and praising God! :)

Holly Smith said...

Congratulations Tam Family!!!! She's such a beauty♥♥♥ Love her name is it a new name or a extension of her original name? Was Sasha a nickname or a alias? Can't wait to hear more about her and her journey home. God Bless You Guys♥♥♥

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